Samsung Galaxy S4 with 13MP Camera and Innovative Features

| March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone front view

Samsung has today officially announced the Galaxy S4 smartphone, the new flagship in the lineup and an update to the best selling Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S4 is a little smaller and thinner versus the Galaxy S3, although the physical layout and design remains fairly similar. The display on the Galaxy S4 has been increased to a 5-inch 1080p Full-HD Super-AMOLED screen versus a 4.8-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone will be available soon on the Telus network. Release date and pricing details are still to be announced.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Super AMOLED Display

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone: Main Features

• Operating System: Android 4.2.2
• Screen Type: 5-inch 1080p Super-Amoled screen
• Network compatible: 4G LTE
• Design: Thin and light (130 grams)
• Dual cameras: 13MP rear and 2MP front camera
• 16/32/64 GB storage versions, Micro-SD card support up to 64 GB


Two cameras, one extraordinary photo: The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a main 13MP resolution camera located on the back of the smartphone, and a 2MP front facing camera ideal for making video calls.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with 13MP camera

Capture the ‘I was there’ moments of your life by simultaneously shooting with the front and back cameras. With Dual Video Call or Dual Video, friends and family can experience everything with you.

Sound & Shot – Listen to your photos: Every picture you take on the Samsung GALAXY S4 can come with sound. So now you can remember what was said, played, and heard, not just what it looked like. It adds another layer of excitement to help you relive and share every moment of each picture much more vividly.

Drama Shot – Capture every action in one photo: Drama Shot lets you take a series of pictures of any moving subject and puts them together – so you can see the detailed action that’s seamlessly merged into one very dynamic photo.

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone drama shot feature

Story Album – An album for every occasion: Have the Samsung GALAXY S4 organize your photos and create albums based on specific events or customize them the way you want. You can even apply themes and choose various layouts.

Adapt Display: the display screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 automatically adjusts brightness and contrast with respect to content. Optimized for viewing movies or reading text for example.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sleek and thin

Air View / Air Gesture – A simple and new approach from the ordinary touch: Simply motion your hand at the Samsung GALAXY S4 to accept calls, change music, or browse the web and your photos with Air Gesture. How simple is that?

Air View makes it quicker, easier, and super-convenient to enlarge content and photos, preview emails, and speed dial all with your finger barely hovering over the screen. Even when you’re wearing gloves, the Samsung GALAXY S4 still responds to your touch.

Smart Pause / Smart Scroll – A phone that follows your every move: Building off of the GALAXY S3’s Smart Stay, the Samsung GALAXY S4 knows what you’re doing and intuitively moves along with you – automatically scrolling up or down emails or websites when you tilt the phone from one side to another. Whenever you look away, the Samsung GALAXY S4 makes sure to pause whatever you’re watching, so you don’t miss anything. Amazingly, Smart Pause resumes where you left off when you look back at the screen again.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Pause Feature

S Voice Drive – Keep the focus on the road: the S Voice Drive was developed for your safety while driving. In Drive Mode, the Samsung GALAXY S4 provides a simpler interface: bigger fonts, intuitive look, and text to speech service. For important tasks that require your hands and attention – making calls, answering calls, organizing messages, and asking for directions – you can now do with both hands safely on your steering wheel.

Share the enjoyment with friends: get your friends together and let them enjoy your music simultaneously. Wirelessly connect multiple Samsung GALAXY S4 phones to play games and share photos, documents.

Samsung Galaxy S4 boom box

Get all Samsung GALAXY S4 phones together and create a powerful sound system that enhances the sound quality and keeps the party going.

No more language barriers: say or text what you need translated into your new Samsung GALAXY S4 and it’ll read or text back the translation.

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone translate feature

The Samsung GALAXY S4 is a handy companion while traveling abroad, allowing you to easily communicate with locals, discover exotic foreign dishes, and explore hidden hangouts around the world.

GALAXY S4 simplifies everyday tasks: the ultimate productivity device – the Samsung GALAXY S4 is designed with the well-connected, multi-tasker in mind. Call a friend, answer the phone, preview and scroll through emails and control videos without even touching the phone.

Samsung WatchON – The ultimate TV remote: connect your Samsung GALAXY S4 with your home entertainment system and let it be your TV expert. It suggests different programs based on your preferences, provides program schedules, and does the channel surfing for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone TV remote feature

The Samsung GALAXY S4 even allows you to remotely control the TV or setup boxes. So sit back, relax and let the Samsung GALAXY S4 take the work and hassle out of TV for you.

HomeSync – Enjoy your personal cloud: Samsung HomeSync is the optimum personal cloud device for family entertainment. With 1TB of storage capacity, Samsung HomeSync stores tons of pictures and videos once it’s taken wherever you and your family members are.

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone HUB

Bring Android games, movies, TV shows and streaming content direct into your living room on a large and vivid TV.

The phone that adjusts to you. Not the other way around: The Samsung GALAXY S4 understands how important our health is. It can help achieve our fitness goals by monitoring your fitness levels during workouts and throughout the day. It also cares for our general health with sensors that automatically adjust the display and volume – depending on how you are using the phone – to ensure the optimal experience.

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone health monitor

Stay active and fit with the Samsung GALAXY S4. It will track your workouts, daily intake, and weight levels. Know when to schedule outdoor activities with Samsung GALAXY S4’s weather updates. Monitor your progress with both Total Report and S Health. Together with the Samsung GALAXY S4, being motivated for better health has never been so easy.

Samsung Hub – One stop shop for any content you want: with the Samsung GALAXY S4 you can browse and shop through any content available from every Samsung Hub in one place. Videos, games, music, learning – it’s all in one Integrated Store. It has what you’re looking for in an easy to use and stylish magazine layout.

Samsung Galaxy S4 HUB feature

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