Canon SLR Tips and Tricks Presentation – Photo & Video Imaging Expo 2012

| October 16, 2012

Canon SLR Tips & Tricks tutorial by Canon Canada at the Photo & Video Imaging Expo consumer photography show presented by Henry’s Camera at the International Center, in Toronto this past weekend.

The information provided in this video is mainly intended towards more entry-level Canon SLR camera photographers, such as Canon T3i and Canon T4i digital SLR camera owners. Topics include mode dial settings and noise reduction settings, among others. For best video quality set your YouTube player settings to 720p HD.

Unfortunately I was unable to set up a tripod to offer better stability.

Additional Canon SLR tips videos from the Henry’s Photo & Video Imaging Expo, centering more around the new Canon 6D full format (equal to 35mm sensor size) enthusiast oriented SLR and the higher end professional Canon EOS Mark III SLR camera, and will be added to our YouTube channel: DigitalReviewCanada hopefully by this evening.

Note the reference made to smart phone image quality in the above video. One of the recurring themes at this years show was that in order to take good pictures you need a real camera (as opposed to using a smart phone with built-in camera). All the traditional camera manufacturer’s were sending the same message in this context. Clearly they feel quite threatened by the growing popularity of smart phone picture-taking and understandably so.

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