Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Rugged Waterproof Compact Camera Review

| July 20, 2012

Fuji XP50 rugged underwater compact camera in green

Following the success of the Fujifilm XP20 waterproof,shockproof digital camera, Fujifilm has raised the bar with the introduction of the Fujifilm FinePix XP50. In addition to its adventureproof capabilities (shockproof to 1.5m, waterproof to 5m, freeze proof to -10°C and dustproof), the XP50 has an ergonomically designed rugged body for a firmer grip, even when wet, so its perfect for any activity, from family beach vacations to the annual ski trip.

The Fujifilm XP50 features a 14 megapixel CMOS sensor and new image processor for improved picture quality with less noise, rapid auto focus and start-up times. For better low light photographs, the FinePix XP50 offers a Pro Low light mode and ISO sensitivity up to 3200. CMOS Shift Image Stabilization assists hand held shooting under low light conditions.

Other features include 1080p HD movie recording at 30fps, in-camera Photo and Movie Editing, a 2.7-inch LCD monitor with anti-reflection coating, YouTube/Facebook Easy Web Upload, Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 220 photos/charge, Motion Panorama and 5x wide angle (28mm) Optical Zoom Lens with Water Repellent Coating to prevent water droplets from spoiling photos.

The XP50 is available for a suggested retail price of $199.99

Fujifilm FinePix XP50 key features:

• 14 megapixel CMOS sensor

• 5x optical Fujinon lens (28-140mm equivalent to a 35mm camera)

• Waterproof to a depth of 5m

• Shockproof to height of 1.5m

• Freezeproof to -10°C

• Dust/sandproof

• Waterproof access port with double locks

• CMOS Shift Image Stabilization to assist in hand held shooting in low light

• Point and Shoot simplicity or user friendly selectable Scene exposure modes

• 1080p HD movie capture with sound

• One touch movie recording button

• Motion Panorama 360

• Super-bright 2.7-inch LCD with Anti Reflection Coating

• Improved styling and ergonomic design

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Compact Camera Overview:

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 back view LCD

The Fuji Finepix XP50 incorporates a 14 megapixel CMOS image sensor providing for plenty of detail for producing enlargements or cropping into an image.

The Fujifilm Finepix XP50 is waterproof to a depth of 5m, shockproof from falls of 1.5m or less, and dustproof thanks to its airtight construction. The Fujifilm XP50 compact camera can even withstand extreme weather conditions, being operable in temperatures from -10 degrees celcius.

With its enhanced durability and protection, the Fujifilm Finepix XP50 is designed for active lifestyle photographers, whether at the beach, playing in the pool or skiing down the slopes. You can also feel more at ease in letting younger family photographers use the camera in case of an accidental drop.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 compact camera underwater test

The Finepix XP50 offers a sensor shift Dual Image Stabilization (CIS) system. CIS works as the photo is being taken as it combines a mechanically stabilized sensor with high ISO to combat camera/hand shake and subject movement for improved low light shooting. The result is an expanded range of shooting situations where the cameras can be used without the need of a tripod or other support.

The XP50 offers a broad ISO sensitivity range from 100-3200 ISO, which can be manually selected or left in Auto mode.

In terms of design, the On/Off, shutter release and zoom control lever are found on the top of the camera. The Fujifilm XP50 compact camera features a built-in clear protective lens cover.

Fuji Finepix XP50 rugged waterproof compact camera operating button and control layout

The Finepix XP50 provides user friendly features that will appeal to those that desire point and shoot simplicity and can do without extended manual creative control.

In still shooting mode the 4-way push control pad surrounding the MENU / OK button provides control over navigating the camera’s menus and direct access to adjusting the following settings:

Pushing on the top portion of the 4-way control pad activates the camera’s exposure compensation function. Exposure can be adjusted from -2 to +2 EV in 1/3 steps before taking the picture.

Pushing on the right side of the 4-way control pad displays the Flash Mode menu which allows users to control settings for the built-in flash. The built-in flash is capable of providing illumination up to 3.”1″ meters in Intelligent flash mode. Available flash mode settings include; Auto, Fill Flash, Flash off and Slow Sync.

The left position on the control pad is used to select settings for close-up (macro) photography. The Fujifilm Finepix XP50 can focus down to 9cm from the subject.

The bottom position on the 4-way control pad is used to activate the camera’s self-timer settings. Options include; Off, Couple Timer, Group Timer, 10 sec delay, 2 sec delay and off.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 shooting mode

Pushing on the Menu / OK button brings up the camera’s ‘Shooting Menu’ screen. THe 4-way toggle control pad is then used to make selections and change shooting mode settings. Choosing the ‘Shooting Mode’ tab allows you to select the desired shooting mode.

In Intelligent Scene Recognition (SR Auto) mode, the Fujifilm Finepix XP50 automatically selects the most appropriate shooting / scene mode for each scene you are trying to capture. Selecting between 6 scene modes – Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Night, Portrait, Backlight Portrait – Intelligent Scene Recognition will automatically use the camera’s optimal setting for the subject or scene.

If the Fuji XP50 compact camera is unable to recognize the scene type in SR Auto mode the camera will revert to standard Auto mode.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 portrait mode

Additional shooting mode options available in the Finepix XP50 shooting mode menu are highlighted below.

• Auto: Choose for crisp, clear snapshots. This mode is recommended in most situations.

• Program AE: The camera sets exposure automatically.

• Pro Low Light: Enhances clarity of subjects under low light conditions.

• HDR: Prevents washout and captures tonality in bright scenes.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 with HDR OffFujifilm Finepix XP50 HDR mode on

• Natural & Flash: The camera takes two shots: one without the flash and one with.

• Natural Light: Capture natural lighting under low-light conditions.

• Portrait: Choose for portraits.

• Portrait enhancer: Choose for a smooth skin eff ect when shooting portraits.

• Landscape: Choose for daylight shots of buildings and landscapes.

• 360 Motion Panorama: Take a 360 panorama by sweeping the camera while recording.

• Sport: Choose when photographing moving subjects.

• Night: Choose this mode for poorly lit twilight or night scenes.

• Night Tripod: Choose this mode for slow shutter speeds when shooting at night.

• Sunset: Choose this mode to record the vivid colors in sunrises and sunsets.

• Snow: Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of scenes domi-nated by shining white snow.

• Beach: Choose for crisp, clear shots that capture the brightness of sunlit beaches.

• Underwater: For underwater shooting (effective in movies).

• Underwater (WIDE) : Choose for wide-angle underwater shots that include more of the back-ground.

• Underwater (MACRO): Choose for underwater close-ups of small objects.

• Party: Capture indoor background lighting under low-light conditions.

• Flowers: Choose for vivid close-ups of flowers.

• Text: Take clear pictures of text or drawings in print.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 ISO settings

The shooting menu on the Finepix XP50 also allows for the control of a number of camera settings. Menu option choices include; select Shooting Mode, ISO settings, Image Size, Image Quality, Finepix Colour, Continuous, Face Detection, AF Mode, and Movie Quality.

The ISO sensitivity range on the Finepix XP50 can be set to Auto or manually selected from 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 ISO.

The available White Balance settings on the Finepix XP50 include: Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), and Incandescent light. You can not perform a manual WB reading on the Fujifilm Finepix XP50.

Intelligent Face Detection sets focus and exposure for human faces anywhere in the frame, preventing the camera from focusing on the background in group portraits. Choose for shots that emphasize portrait subjects. To use Intelligent Face Detection, press MENU/OK to display the shooting menu and select On for ‘Face Detection’.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 shooting menu

Faces can be detected with the camera in vertical or horizontal orientation; if a face is detected, it will be indicated by a green border. If there is more than one face in the frame, the camera will select the face closest to the center; other faces are indicated by white borders.

The Fujifilm XP50 features a ‘Couple’ and ‘Group’ self-timer mode where the shutter does not fire until the selected number of faces are detected in the frame.

The camera also offers a ‘Top 3’ continuous shooting mode. The Finepix XP50 compact camera can be set to take images continuously while the shutter release button is pressed. The camera will then save the last three images that were recorded. The continous frame rate is approximately 0.”8″ frames per second.

The Fujifilm Finepix XP50 can capture either Full 1080p HD or 720p HD video at a frame rate of approximately 30 frames per second. Movies are saved in the AVI format and include audio. The Finepix XP50 also provides Scene modes that are specifically designed for shooting movies underwater.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Underwater movie menu

The Fujifilm Finepix XP50 offers a number of playback functions. Playback can be accessed by pressing the dedicated playback button located on the back of the camera. You can zoom in on an image to check for detail by using the zoom lever.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 compact camera playback mode

The Fujifilm Finepix XP50 also offers a selection of in-camera editing features. Full size still images can be cropped and resized and saved as a new file, movies can be trimmed, and in Blog Edit mode you can adjust brightness, contrast, colour tone, or convert the image to a black and white or sepia copy. Images that are retouched in Blog Edit mode are saved at 640 x 480 image size suitable for social networking sites.

Images can be tagged in-camera for automatic upload once the camera is connected to a computer installed with the supplied MyFinepix Studio software.

The Fuji XP50 compact camera also offers a Photobook Assist feature. Create a photo album in your camera. Easily accessible and mobile, you can share images with family and friends anytime, anywhere. Installed in-camera, you can create a Photobook folder where tagged images will be stored and organized accordingly.

The Finepix XP50 features an HDMI mini output for connecting the camera to a TV (the cable is an optional accessory). A USB 2.0 connection and cable is supplied to connect the camera to a computer. The Fujifilm XP50 uses Secure Digital (SD) or SDHC type memory cards. The camera does not come supplied with a memory card. A small amount of memory (10MB) is built-in to the camera, good for a few shots in a pinch.

The XP50 runs on a Fujifilm NP-45A Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery which provides up to approximately 200 shots per charge. The camera comes supplied with one battery and a charger.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Waterproof Compact Camera Review User Experience:

The Fujifilm XP50, like its predecessor the Finepix XP20, falls into the category of being one of the more reasonably priced compact cameras that incorporates enhanced durability, and that can withstand the more rigorous needs of the active lifestyle photographer. Considering its impact resistant protected design and underwater capabilities, the camera lends itself well to family and travel type photography.

Based on our tests with the Fuji Finepix XP50 compact camera, the 5x optical zoom delivers decent quality throughout the zoom range. Some edge softness and distortion is visible in wideangle images although this is common to most point and shoot cameras in this class.

The Auto focus system did a good job at achieving focus, although the camera does not offer continuous AF in movie mode. The Fujifilm Face Recognition system is responsive and quickly locked in on faces in the scene.

Taking advantage of some of the camera’s built-in selectable scene modes or applying exposure compensation allowed us to compensate and get a more desirable image than would have been provided by simply using Auto mode.

We found the 2.7-inch 230K pixel LCD screen to be average, and colours on screen are not representitive of the final image (Look too warm on the camera’s LCD monitor compared to actual image when viewed on a calibrated computer monitor). The camera does provide a 5 step brightness control so the monitor can be adjusted depending on viewing conditions. The menu interface on the Fujifilm XP50 is fairly intuitive and designed with simple operation in mind.

We feel that the Fuji XP50 compact camera has a lot to offer taking into account its sub $200 price point. If you are looking for an affordable rugged compact digital camera that can withstand the elements and is easy to take with you wherever your travels take you, the Fujifilm XP50 compact digital camera offers good value for the money.

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 in blue front side

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Sample Images

Fujifilm Finepix XP50 Specifications

Effective Pixels14.4 million pixels
Image Sensor1/ 2.3-inch CMOS with primary colour filter
ConstructionDust proof: IP6XWater proof: IPX8 (up to 5m, within 120 min.)

Anti-shock: Fuji’s standard; 1.5m

Storage mediaInternal memory (approx. 95MB)SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card
File formatJPEG (Exif Ver 2.3 ) /
(Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible)
Number of recorded pixelsLarge:(4:3) 4320 x 3240
(3:2>) 4608 x 3072
(16:9) 4320 x 2432


(4:3) 3072 x 2304
(16:9) 3072 x 1728


(4:3) 2048 x 1536
(16:9) 1920 x 1080

Lens TypeFujinon 5 x optical zoom lens
Lens ApertureF3.9 (Wide)- F4.9 (Telephoto)
Focus DistanceNormal:Wide: Approx. 60cm to infinity

Telephoto: Approx. 1.0m to infinity


Wide: Approx. 9cm – 80cm

Telephoto: Approx. 40cm – 80cm

ISO RangeAuto,
Auto or manually select ISO 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200
Exposure ControlTTL 256-zones metering
Exposure ModesProgrammed AE
Shooting ModesSR AUTO, AUTO, P, Pro low-light, Dynamic range, Natural Light & with Flash, Natural Light, Portrait, Portrait enhancer, Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Sunset, Snow, Beach, Under water, Under water (Wide), Under water (Macro), Party, Flower, Text, Motion panorama360,
Image StabilizerCMOS shift type
Face DetectionYes
Exposure Compensation-2.0EV to +2.0EV in 1/3EV step
Shutter Speed(Auto mode) 1/4 sec. To 1/2000 sec.(All other modes) 4 sec. to 1/2000 sec.
Continuous Shooting(TOP)L:TOP max 12 frames (3 frames/sec.)

M:TOP max 12 frames (5 frames/sec.)

H:TOP max 12 frames (10 frames/sec.)


L:LAST max 12 frames (3 frames/sec.)

M:LAST max 12 frames (5 frames/sec.)

H:LAST max 12 frames (10 frames/sec.)

FocusMode: Single AF/Continuous AF (SR AUTO)AF frame selection: Centre, Tracking
White BalanceAutomatic scene recognitionAutomatic scene recognition

Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light

Self-Timerapprox. 10 sec./2 sec. delay, Couple Timer, Group Timer
Built-in FlashAuto flash (super i-flash)Effective range: (ISO AUTO)

Wide: approx. 70cm – 3.1m

Telephoto: approx.70cm – 2.7m

Macro: approx. 30cm – 80cm

Flash ModesRed-eye removal OFF: Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro.Red-eye removal ON: Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.
LCD Monitor2.7-inch, approx. 230,000 dots, TFT colour LCD monitor, approx. 96 % coverage
Movie Recording1920 x 1080 pixels / 1280 x 720 pixels / 640 x 480 pixels (30 frames / sec.) with monaural sound.
Zoom function can be used.
Photography FunctionsSR AUTO, Face Detection, Auto Red-eye removal, Framing guide, Automatic LCD brightness adjustment, Frame No. memory, Motion panorama 360, High Speed movie (80 / 160 / 240 fps), Date stamp
Playback FunctionsFace Detection, Photobook assist, Image Search, Erase selected frames, Slide show, Auto red-eye removal, Crop, Resize, Image rotate, Mark for upload, Multi-frame playback (with microthumbnail), Favourite, Panorama, Movie edit
TerminalsNTSC/PAL selectable with Monaural soundDigital interface: USB 2.0 High-Speed

HDMI output: HDMI Mini connector

Power SupplyNP-45A Li-ion battery (included)
Dimensions99.0mm (W) x 67.7mm (H) x 25.6mm
WeightApprox. 155g (including battery and memory card)
Battery LifeApprox. 220 frames
Included AccessoriesLi-ion battery NP-45A
Battery charger BC-45B
USB cable
Hand strap
Owner’s manual

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